“O Circo e a Cidade”

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Falando do Brasil in Events and get-togethers

This week Rio will be the center of an amazing project, “O Circo e a Cidade”, that can be translated as The circus and the city. The manifest brings clowns into the urban environment and discuss how they fit in society.

The circuit starts this Sunday, 17, with Orquestra Voadora’s concert and the shows “Café Pequeno da Silva” and “Psiu” from the Off-sina and “Carriola”, from Celeiro de Antas. The presentation strats at 18:00 in Largo do Machado.

Monday, 18, the seminar “O circo teatro de rua e a cidade” takes place with Ermínia Silva and Reimont Otoni, that helepd to grant to lots of urban artists some rights. The seminar happens in Centro de Referência do Artesanato Brasileiro (CRAB), located in Praça Tiradentes and starts at 9:00. The seminar is free and open to anyone interested.

During the entire week, the artists will be making people’s lives more sweet with classes at the Escola Livre de Palhaços. Saturday, 23 starting at 20:00 some of the students will present themselves  in Largo do Machado.

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