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Foreigner or not, come have fun!


The weekly meeting of top hostels in Rio has been held for five years and now every Tuesday at 00.
Travellers who occupy the 60 hostels operated by the company Bem Brazil flock to party every Tuesday in search of free caipirinhas circulating 22h to midnight, the samba group Bom Batuque and house music full of swagger that DJ Bruno Lima commands until morning.
Another asset is the Latin rhythms of DJ Ricardo Martins has gringa or brasileirinha that resists its mix of regaaeton, cumbia, kuduro and hip hop. At the end of the party, british rockinho, and current hits from decades past to capture Argentinean, Chilean, Australian, Israeli, British and Americans for memory.
If you are Brazilian, do not hold: the party is full of gringo hunters, a local crowd that swarms the Gringolandia in search of new cultures and venerates ethnic diversity.

Tuesday, 03 de Dezembro / 23h / BAR – BOATE 00
Avenida Padre Leonel Franca, 240 – Gávea
Phone: 21 2540-8041

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