Urban art festival is back to the port zone

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ArtRua happens from September 10 to 13, in Gamboa


From September 10 to 12, ArtRua comes back to Ação da Cidadania Cultural Center, in Gamboa, with works by several artists from Brazil and abroad. The urban art festival happens along with the international art event ArtRio and will gather in a 12 thousand square meters storehouse: art, music, and gastronomy, with free admission. In its fourth edition this year, Art Rua brings seven screens (16x14m) signed by artists from São Paulo, the city known as the international graffiti capital. The surroundings of the location will also receive artistic interventions with paintings on buildings and murals, which will remain as a gift to enrich the urban art in the city port zone. The curator is Cristiano Kana, partner of the gallery A7MA (São Paulo), and Founder of the Fullhouse Screenmark, one of the first urban art silkscreen printing companies, who chose pioneer people of the São Paulo art scene, like Onesto, Titi Freak, Alto Contraste, and Tinho, as well as break-through artists like Mag Magrela, Enivo, and Zeh Palito.

Artists Felipe Guga, William Baglione, Mateu Velasco, Rodrigo Villas Boas, and Bruno Life wil have kiosks with installations. And individual exhibitions on the first floor. On the second floor, Fullhouse displays more than 30 serigraph prints by people like Walter Nomura Tinho, Speto, Herbert Baglione, Nunca, Vitché, Titi Freak, Flávio Samelo, Zezão, among others. Since the event got the status of fair last year, the artists now will have a space to sell their works. Several galleries will be there: Nuvem, from Pernambuco; Quarto Amado, from Belo Horizonte; Ponder70, Verve and A7MA, from São Paulo, as well as the cariocas Huma Art Projects, Casa7, Galeria do Porto, Formigueiro, Galeria 1500 Babilônia, Galeria Nove Cinco, among others. Outside, Gais Ama, Mateu Velasco, Luna Buschinelli, Pedro Jardim, and Heitor Corrêa are in charge of the artistic interventions. The itinerant work FIOTIM – A Oitava Maravilha do Mundo Contemporâneo will also be around. Created by Jorge Fonseca, from Minas Gerais, the RV has copies of several art works in the Inhotim collection, in form of souvenirs.

The Espaço Rua Gastronomia (Gastronomy Street Space) has flavors for all tastes, like Brasa BBQ, Botero em Pé, Ribs, Refeitório, La Choriceria, Che Boludo, and Bar do Toninho. And last, but not least, the fair will have pocket shows every day. On the first day, September 10, there will be Pierre Gambiani (Córsega), and DJ João Fernando. On Friday, the bands Panamericana and Bambina Phylosophy perform. On Saturday, Cash Crash and Water and Man are scheduled to play; and Nitú and Quinteto Nuclear on Sunday.

SERVICESMore information:
10 a 13 de setembro
Centro Cultural Ação da Cidadania – Av. Barão de Tefé, 75 – Saúde
Quinta, 18h à 00h; Sexta, Sábado e Domingo,14h às 22h

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