Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I register for a Falando do Brasil course?

You can begin your registration through our Online Registration Form. Within 24 hours we will get in touch to help you decide which course and timetable best suits your needs. Or, if you prefer you can complete your registration in-person at the school.

2. How can I pay for the course?

The payment can be made in person at the school or online via credit card, debit card or with a bank voucher through Paypal.
In case of payment via PayPal will send you a payment link online.
Simple as that!

3. Will I need a student visa to take the course?

Students from Canada, the USA and Australia will need a 90 days tourist visa. Students from the UK and other European Union countries do not require a visa to visit Brazil for tourism for up to 90 days, the only requirement is a passport valid for at least 6 months.
We can help you find out more about the process for obtaining a visa, however we recommend you enter in contact with your local consulate to find out exactly how to go about it.

4. When can I start the lessons?

Every month we start new course groups. Following your initial test we will be able to determine whether you should enter into a new group or whether you can join a group which has already started.

5. Are the textbooks included in the course price?

Yes, the course materials are included. As they have been exclusively developed in accordance with our methodology, they are only available to students of Falando do Brasil.

6. What qualifications do Falando do Brasil teachers hold?

All our teachers are Brazilians who have studied Portuguese Language and Literature at graduate level and have solid teaching experience.

7. Do Falando do Brasil teachers speak languages other than Portuguese?

Yes. All our teachers speak English and the majority have some knowledge of other languages. However, during the class English or other languages are only used when the teacher feels it is necessary to faciliate the students’ understanding.

8. How long does it take to complete a course at Falando do Brasil?

The total time can vary depending on your objective, your previous knowledge of the language, the type of course you choose and the frequency of your lessons. For those who want to learn Portuguese quickly, we recommend the intensive course which lasts 3 months.

For other course types, check out our Scheduled Classes page.

9.Does Falando do Brasil run lessons everyday?

Yes. Falando do Brasil has classes for different course types on every day of the week. In the case of bank holidays, the class will be rescheduled to another day and students will be advised.

Check out our classes, days and timetables at our Regular Classes page.

10. Can I do private lessons?

Yes, we offer One on One lessons.

In this case, the student decides where they would like to take the class, this could be at home, at work or at some other location.

11. How many students are in each group?

To make sure we offer the best learning experience and the quality of our courses remains high, our groups have a maximum of 10 students.


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