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Brazil is one of the world’s most visited countries, not only as a tourist destination but increasingly for the many business and work opportunities that are arising in its booming economy.

Rio de Janeiro remains Brazil’s main tourist destination and one of the world’s most popular. Despite the city’s reputation as a place of beauty and leisure, Rio is also Brazil’s second most important destination for foreign workers and their families.

Expat executives, their partners and children, students and volunteers will often feel the need to learn Brazilian Portuguese as quickly as possible, to help interact with locals and get by day-to-day as most Brazilians do not speak a second language.

With this in mind, Falando do Brasil has developed course models which adapt perfectly to different students’ needs and objectives, from the most basic communication and understanding of the language, to total listening, written and spoken fluency without an accent.

Falando do Brasil has developed its own exclusive course materials. Our textbooks help make sure our unique teaching methodology is put into effect in the most dynamic and efficient way possible, basing students’ learning on real life experiences and difficulties that they may encounter when visiting or moving to Brazil, or more specifically Rio de Janeiro.


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